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Miworld iPad App


Mitie is a facilities management company, providing facilities, property and energy management for a wide range of public and private sector businesses. It has revenues in excess of £2bn and approximately 70,000 employees.

To ensure excellent service delivery to their clients, Mitie uses their unique web-based business intelligence and account management tool, Miworld, which leverages the concepts of ‘Big Data’ and aggregates information from their core FM services and systems in one consistent, easy-to-use portal. This was developed by Mitie’s in-house team and enables their Facilities Managers (FMs) and their clients to monitor, manage and act strategically on information presented across their entire property estate.

To take Miworld to the next level and to continue to improve the customer experience, Mitie approached Mubaloo about creating an app specifically for its FMs. Mitie wanted the app to provide easy access to property information for their FMs at anytime and anywhere. It will also help them plan activities and manage issues more efficiently than before.

Realising that FMs may go into areas with poor mobile connectivity or no Wi-Fi connection, the app needed to be available offline.

Mitie Miworld iPad app


Mubaloo worked with Mitie to understand the workflow of the FMs and to determine what information they needed to see when on the move.

An initial dashboard provides FMs with either an entire overview of their client portfolio or cluster or property specific information, including alerts, watched tasks, messages, news and Twitter feeds. On selection of a specific cluster or property, the FM can access a secondary dashboard of colour-coded widgets. These widgets offer a range of high-level information and, where applicable, a RAG indicator to highlight compliance and draw attention to areas that need immediate attention. Widgets include reactive tasks, health and safety, utility consumption, lease management, planned tasks and property utilisation. The app also includes customisation options, enabling FMs to rearrange and turn on or off widgets, helping to make it easier for them to use according to their personal requirements. FMs can then drill down to view or share more detailed information.

As part of the development, Mubaloo created a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) so that the widgets were dynamic and Mitie could easily manage the widgets and tailor the app to their individual customers or their FMs. The CMS also allows Mitie to customise news and Twitter feeds.

The Miworld iPad app integrates with Yammer, the business collaboration platform, to facilitate effective communication between those responsible for rectifying issues on site. The FM is able to share the details of the job and message the contractor directly, through the Yammer app that contractors will be using, to enquire about job statuses or other information. To tackle problems as quickly as possible, local notifications are presented in the app when a new message has been received. In addition, the app has push notifications to highlight when an alert is raised. The CMS also helps manage Yammer networks and default recipients so that the information shared always go to the relevant people.

To allow FMs to view information offline, previously accessed property information is cached locally so it is available should connectivity be lost.

Mitie Miworld iPad app


Mitie’s Miworld iPad app will help transform the way users manage their portfolio of properties. The app provides a wide variety of information in a user friendly way, helping facilities managers to be more effective in identifying problem areas and resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. The app is now live.

Mitie Miworld iPad app

At Mitie, we specialise in providing an excellent standard of service to our clients through our people and the use of technology. With our customer-facing management information tool, Miworld, already doing great things to support all of our integrated facilities management contracts, we were looking for new ways to provide real-time MI, increase productivity, and improve the overall service offering to our customers. We approached Mubaloo to develop a first-to-market iOS app to complement our existing product suite. The app needed to be both intuitive and feature-rich in order to achieve the desired result. We certainly didn’t hold anything back from the initial development sessions, but Mubaloo was more than capable of working with us to turn all of our requirements into a polished enterprise app. We are extremely pleased with the results so far and the app is already making a huge impact with both our existing and prospective clients. We have enjoyed a great partnership with Mubaloo to date and we look forward to continuing our work together to see where else we can take the product.

Richard Catterill, Project Manager

Technical Specification

  • Integration with SharePoint to store and access documents and images
  • Push notifications
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Yammer integration
  • Uses Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Middleware solution was built in collaboration with Mitie’s in-house developers
  • Deloitte Tech Fast 50 winner 2014
  • Appsters winner for best use of API 2014
  • Ranked as the top app developer outside of the US by research firm Clutch
  • UXUK Winner 2014
  • Mubaloo innovation lab

Company registration number: 0‌6770774.

Registered address: Mubaloo, 3 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0BD