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Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is a global asset management company, with over £300 billion worth of assets under management. The organisation invests that money primarily in equity, fixed income property and alternative investment solutions. Aberdeen Asset has over 2,700 employees based around the globe, in 26 countries and over 30 offices.

With an in-house development team, responsible for backend systems and internal work tools, Aberdeen works with partners who have specific skillsets or expertise. As one of the early mobile projects the company had initiated, Aberdeen wanted to test out a relatively simple idea to measure the value of a mobility programme.

Whilst researching mobile app developers and consultancies, Aberdeen found Mubaloo through the Clutch research rankings. After a pitch process, where Aberdeen gave a one page overview of its needs, the company chose Mubaloo based on the ideas it came back with and the way in which Mubaloo proposed to help Aberdeen with mobility.


Like many companies with a large number of offices and employees, Aberdeen Asset Management was aware that it hasn’t taken full advantage of mobile. With a mixture of iOS and Android devices deployed in its workforce, Aberdeen has been using Good Technology to provide employees with access to email whilst on the road.

With employees regularly on the move, going from office to office for meetings and work, Aberdeen needed to deliver a solution that would help its employees be better connected and find essential information about offices and business continuity planning. Mubaloo worked with Aberdeen to create an app that would enable employees to find out information about offices, get a directory of employees and other essential data.

Previously, employees had no convenient way to access this information whilst out of the office. The app, therefore, needed to dramatically improve upon the old system and deliver a simple way for employees to get the information they need.

The app provides contact information about all Aberdeen employees, with links to their line manager and the office they work in, with relating timezone information. The app allows the user to quickly search for office information, displayed via a list or map view. In addition to office information, the app contains Business Continuity information, with specific information for different offices and different cases.


The app, which went live in December 2015, has won praise internally from the team at Aberdeen. The team at Aberdeen has been so impressed with the app, that they commissioned Mubaloo to create an Android version.

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