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The Challenge

Mubaloo have been in partnership with the RAC for over four years, and our most recent challenge was to improve their RAC consumer app.

With an audience demographic averaging over 50 years-old, many consumers have historically relied on the RAC “Route Planner” for sourcing and printing their digital directions. Even with all the latest options such as Waze and Google Maps, “Route Planner” has its loyal customers.


How do we continue to engage existing customers?


How do we make it appealing to non-RAC customers?


What other features would be useful, assist drivers and make navigating easier?

Our Approach

Implementation based on user feedback

The RAC invested in their backend services, providing customers with the ability to manage their account through the app for the first time. After reviewing App Store feedback and social, we saw that adding more personalised membership information – such as policy information, would be beneficial for the user.

Finding Unmet Needs

To understand what features would be valuable, we took a hands-on approach with their target audience.

We used a “Jobs-To-Be-Done” methodology to understand what members and non-members considered important when taking and planning a journey. With over 70 options on the survey, we wanted a comprehensive view of what the “unmet needs” in this area might be. This insight helped us see where our opportunities were. We could then take these unmet needs into a Design Sprint to start identifying and user testing possible solutions for drivers.

The Solution

Based on user testing, the following key features were added, and we’re confident they’ll provide added value for members and non-members and increase engagement.

Quick link dashboard

mileage calculator, “time travel” to estimate length of journey at specific times

Warning lights

decoding dashboard lights to help users understand possible issues and actions

Vehicle info and reminders

such as MOT expiry synced to their calendars


access to digital membership card and key policy information

The Result

Now RAC has a new membership app that meets the users needs and delivers a seamless consumer journey. Interested in taking back control of your customer journey or know more about this and other exciting projects we’re working on? Get in touch using the details below.

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Case Study

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