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Unipart Group is a leading provider of manufacturing, logistics and consultancy services. Unipart specialises in helping its clients improve productivity and enhance performance through the wide range of business support services it offers. An integral part of Unipart’s unique market proposition is Unipart Expert Practices (UEP), who use the Unipart Way framework to empower client organisations with a set of tools and techniques for achieving operational excellence.

Unipart offers support and coaching to help clients in their Unipart Way journey and address the challenges of using these tools and techniques. Traditionally this involves face to face on site coaching with the clients This is both costly and challenging to deliver the valuable support needed to the clients to drive sustainment, of any changes made during an implementation. Consequently, Unipart developed the eCoaching system which combines a suite of tools and techniques and uses technology to deliver the much needed support ‘anytime, anywhere,’ which has produced market leading sustainment results with a number of clients.

To increase their market share through innovation, Unipart’s in-house development team built an application that would act as a two-way communication tool between coaches and clients, utilising the eCoaching system, enabling them to conduct a ‘virtual visit’ of a client site to conduct coaching based on evidence uploaded.

Unipart approached Mubaloo to help enhance the eCoaching mobile app to provide their customers with the most innovative and user-friendly product. Following a full review of the app, Mubaloo advised on how to improve the current UX and backend architecture to support Unipart’s primary objective: to empower coaches with a tool that allows them to deliver valuable coaching remotely.

The wider impact for Unipart would be that coaches are able to provide more high quality coaching sessions with clients, and internally with their own people, than if they were having to meet face-to-face.


The app was examined across five major variables including UX, integration, security, change management and technology, and a detailed code review was completed. Mubaloo’s mobile strategy consultants worked with Unipart to identify key features for the app and how value would be delivered for users, to ultimately deliver against Unipart’s business objectives. A flexible roadmap for the Unipart eCoaching app was built.

In order to deliver the required user experience and provide a robust platform for future development, Mubaloo rebuilt Unipart’s eCoaching app. The app was built on iOS for iPad as a two-way communication, and evidence sharing tool for Unipart Way coaching. White labelling capabilities were built into the app so Unipart could adapt the branding and look and feel of the app, dependent on which of their clients were using it. Functionality, built especially to support Unipart coaches, enables coaches to manage and switch between clients on the app. Both clients and coaches can manage contacts; upload, browse and manage documentation; use two-way video calling directly through the app; and clients can select a coach, dependent on their Unipart Way journey.

Careful consideration was given to UX for the app, to provide the simplest possible user experience so that all client-side end users, irrespective of their familiarity with mobile technology, would confidently be able to use the app. Unipart’s eCoaching app delivers a seamless, intuitive interface  to provide clients with remote support from Unipart Expert Practitioners.


The Unipart eCoaching iOS app for iPad has been built as an intuitive video coaching tool to connect coaches and Unipart clients together seamlessly, around the world. The app is key in helping deliver quality coaching services to Unipart’s clients to nurture existing client relationships and to help Unipart acquire new clients. By using mobile to drive efficiency internally, Unipart is improving the service they provide to clients, and ultimately differentiate Unipart’s consultancy offering with an innovative new way to engage with clients.

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