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Take a look at Mubaloo’s home screens (Part 1)

We thought you might be interested in seeing what apps we use regularly, being app developers an’ all. This post is split into two parts in order for us to share as many Mubaloo-ers’ home screens as possible!

We thought you might be interested in seeing what we have on our home screens, being mobile experts an’ all. This post is split into two parts in order for us to share as many Mubaloo-ers’ home screens as possible!

Hopefully these will inspire you to download some new apps or perhaps push you to give your own home screen a new look.

James Ward, Web Developer

My home screen has all of the things a web developer needs: a folder full of web browsers, Chrome’s logo behind, and quick access to settings, as well as the apps I tend to use the most.

James home screen

James home screen

Charlotte Paton, Project Executive

I have my most used apps on my home screen. These include messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Mail, as well as Instagram as I love editing photos. I check the Met Office once or twice a day for weather forecasts and always like to keep Google Maps close by in case I don’t know where I’m going.

Charlotte home screen

Charlotte home screen

James Frost (Frosty), iOS Developer

I started arranging my icons roughly by colour recently, just because I like the look of it. The camera app has to always go in the top right for quick access. I also prefer a really simple background – this one is from A quick rundown of some of the apps:
OmniFocus: Fantastic task management app by OmniGroup, recently updated for iOS 7. Also one of the most expensive apps I’ve ever bought, but their system is really good. Does require a time investment to get the most out of it, though.
Tweetbot: This used to be my favourite Twitter client by far, but I think the app lost a lot of personality in their recent iOS 7 update. Still much better than Twitter’s official app, though.
Calendars 5: A great clean alternative to the built in Calendar app. Provides some really useful views of your upcoming events. There’s a free version, but I’d really recommend paying for the intelligent natural language input – really clever.
Frosty home screen

Frosty home screen

Emma Pengelly – Mobile Strategy Consultant

I like the retro clock as it allows me to easily tell the time and the Yahoo weather widgets are great to let you know today’s weather – I have mine set up to my current location and Bristol so I always know what the weather is at home.
I guess Facebook, camera and maps are obvious ones that lots of people will have but I also have IMDb as I love films and I’m always checking the app while watching something to see what the actors have appeared in beforehand! I also like HSBC’s fast balance for keeping an eye on my money and the Guardian news app for catching up on the day’s events when I’m waiting around or travelling.
I also love the word of the day widget, I’m hoping it’ll help me to extend my vocabulary!
The bottom bar also has some obvious choices but I’m a committed GoSMS user for text messages – it’s much better than the standard Android app.
Emma home screen

Emma home screen

Robert Haslam, PR Manager
I like the brutal simplicity of the white background, and how the photo and calendar apps blend in.
Robert home screen

Robert home screen

Olly Berry, Head of iOS

I have all the most used stuff in the dock/near the bottom of the screen so it’s easy to hit with my thumb – I use my phone primarily for communication/networking so I have messages, mail, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter and the phone in easy reach. Chrome is my browser of choice due to syncing with all my other machines/devices. I tend to use a lot of music related apps on the go, so these have a folder on the home screen, along with utilities. Settings always gets a prominent place on the home screen as I use it a lot switching between networks, etc for development. Evernote is my brain backup and I use it a lot, more for reference on the phone as I mainly take notes on my iPad. Other than that it’s just the most useful native apps – Camera, Photos, Weather, Maps and the stores, etc.

Olly home screen

Olly home screen

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